Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens to Their Music?

In the digital music streaming age, artists no longer solely rely on record sales and live performances to measure their audience’s reception.

Instead, they can tap into a wealth of data provided by streaming platforms like Spotify to understand their audience precisely.

But being an active Spotify user, a question that often hits me at the back of my mind is: can Spotify artists see who listens to their music?

Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens To Their Music

After thorough research on the topic, I have created this insightful post to share with you what data Spotify provides to its artists and what privacy safeguards are in place.

So, if you’re a privacy-focused person (which is a good thing), read this post till the end to clarify all your doubts.

Can Spotify Artists See Who Listens to Their Music/Playlist/Podcast?

No. Spotify artists can’t see who listened to their music, playlists, or podcasts.

The streaming platform respects user’s privacy and hence doesn’t share their personal data, such as name, age, or gender, with Spotify artists or any third-party entities.

So, what data do Spotify artists have access to? This question is likely to pop up in your mind.

The data shared with artists includes listeners’ demographics, streaming data, playlist data, and various other insights. Check out the next section for more details.

What Spotify Artists Can See About Their Listeners?

Spotify for Artists is an invaluable tool for artists to gain valuable insights about their listeners. From planning a new song to marketing it, these can be super helpful. So, it’s important to understand what exactly your favorite artists know about you.


Spotify artists can see demographic details about their listeners, such as age, gender, and location. Respecting users’ privacy, the platform shares general insights rather than specific details of individuals.


Artists can see which playlist(s) on Spotify feature their music. It can help understand the sources of their streams.

Real-time data: 

Spotify lets artists see the real-time data of their music, such as the number of real-time listeners and where they are predominantly located.

Listening patterns: 

Data about how the listeners interact with your music is invaluable, which artists can see on Spotify. They can see the number of streams, skips, and average listening duration. It also tells the number of saves for each song and album.

Follower and share count: 

Spotify artists can see the number of likes, followers, and shares.

The bottom line is that Spotify offers various analytical tools and insights to help artists understand their audience. However, the music streaming platform doesn’t share individual-level data with artists.

In other words, Spotify artists can’t see information about individual listeners.


Can Spotify artists see who their top listeners are?

No. Spotify artists can’t see their top listeners. They can’t see any details about an individual listener. But they can see where most listeners are from and their age group.

Can Spotify artists see who listens?

To maintain user’s privacy, Spotify does not share individual listener details with artists. It means your favorite artists can’t see you listen to them all the time.

Can Spotify artists see private playlists?

No, Spotify artists can’t see your private playlist, even if it includes their song(s). Only you can see your private playlist.

Can Spotify artists see who listens to their playlists?

Spotify artists can’t see who listens to their playlists. So, you can keep listening to them without thinking about whether they’ll notice you.

Can someone see who listens to their podcast?

Spotify artists can’t see who listens to their podcasts. However, they can see the number of streams, listeners, and saves for each podcast. They can also see the age, gender, and location of their listeners (not individual-specific details).

What can Spotify artists see about listeners?

Spotify artists can’t see specific details of an individual listener to maintain their privacy. Read this article to know what data they have access to.


Spotify artists can see general insights for their listeners, but no individual-specific details are shared with them. If you want to get noticed by your favorite artists by playing their tracks all day, this information may be disheartening, as they can’t see their top listeners. But, from a privacy-first approach, it’s a good implementation.

I hope this article answers all your questions. However, if you still have questions left in your mind, write them in the comments below. I’ll try to respond at the earliest.

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