Why Spotify Deleted My Account?

As usual, I was checking my Spotify account to enjoy my favorite saved playlist, but unfortunately, I came to know that Spotify deleted my account.

When I was trying to log in, a message was showing on my screen “The username or email you provided is not associated with an active Spotify account ”.


It’s really frustrating when you see this type of message while you want to enjoy something in the middle of nowhere,


1. Unauthorized Access:

Spotify promises full security to prevent breaches but sometimes there are some people who try to bypass the security level from time to time and get access to users’ accounts. If you observed anything weird like this in your Spotify account:

  • You are trying to login but your password is not working.
  • Your email address has been changed.
  • New playlists have been added or your saved playlist gets lost.
  • New songs have been added to the Recently played section”.
  • Automatically music gets playing without your actual control.
  • Your subscription changes multiple times.
  • Another Facebook account has been connected to your Spotify account.
  • Email logged in which is not yours.
  • Your password not working anymore.

It means that your Spotify account has been stolen, and there are chances that your account is being controlled or used by someone else.

And if Spotify detects that something wrong is happening with your account then their fraudulent system terminates it.

2. Service Down:

There may be some cases that the Spotify server gets down and your Spotify app or Spotify official website may behave somewhat differently than you did not expect. 

 If you are facing such an issue then no problem it by mistake shows this type of message “the username or email you provided is not associated with an active Spotify account ” while logging in to Spotify. The Spotify downtime can be detected by the application Donwndetector.

3. Linked Third-Party Account Deleted:

If you have used any of the third-party accounts using

1. Apple login

2. Google Login or

3. Facebook login to create your Spotify account and if any of the third-party accounts have been deleted intentionally or unintentionally, then there is a maximum possibility that your Spotify account has been deleted.

4. Chargeback Initiated:

If you got any message like this  “Your payment provider recently recalled an unauthorized payment for Spotify Premium. We’ve now returned the funds and disabled your Spotify account.” means that Spotify has disabled your account.

 This actually happens when a Spotify user tries to reverse a payment to Spotify through their bank accounts, credit card companies, or online payment services like PayPal.

This disables the premium account charged and automatically reverts back to the free version.

5. Using publishers account:

If you are an Artist and using a Spotify publisher’s account, regularly post content on the Spotify platform and if a single uploaded content is copyrighted, related to hate speeches, etc. or that is against their terms and conditions your content can be removed. 

And if you repeatedly violate their policies it may result in permanent account termination.

6. Using Modified Spotify app: 

Some users don’t want to pay for Spotify’s premium services but want to enjoy the premium services for free using the modified apps.

These apps directly or indirectly provide some extra premium features like an ad-free experience, downloadable content, etc.

Frankly speaking,

these types of apps are loaded with malware, spyware, etc. which can expose your privacy and can also steal your personal details like bank, and credit card details which also fall under policy violation.

If Spotify detects that you are using these modified apps, they immediately delete the account.

7. Using Extra Embedded features:

I observed many social media influencers promote some kind of third-party apps like ad-free, music equalizers, and audio converters.

These apps get embedded with Spotify, providing you with an ad-free experience or extra added features that strictly violate Spotify’s terms and conditions.

I bet you that these types of apps can lead to opening a backdoor on your devices, and can steal your personal information without your consent

8. Using Free Premium Accounts:

One day I was searching for a guide for Spotify premium service on the web and saw some websites were selling premium accounts at low cost.

First of all,

Beware of such illegal sites because you never know who they are and what they are selling.

There’s a possibility that the premium accounts, they provide may not be valid and during the payment process, your payment details get stolen.

And even if you get the Spotify Premium accounts there is a chance that the Spotify fraudulent system can track you and disable your premium account. 

9. Multiple Device Login:

I remember the past days when my friends and I were sharing the same Spotify account on multiple devices.

But, one day I came to know that the account that we were using had been disabled by the Spotify Team.

So be assured you don’t use the same account on multiple devices otherwise you will be stuck in a similar situation like me.

10. Stealing Content:

I have observed many tutorials on the web that are teaching for stealing content from the Spotify platform.


using Spotify free or premium accounts to steal data like Artists’ details or Song details etc. from their platform using scraping, and crawling techniques to structure.

Using these illegal techniques to store big data sets can also lead to your IP address and accounts both being permanently blocked.

11. Using VPNS:

If you are a citizen of a country where Spotify does not do business, although you are using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to access the Spotify platform and pretending that you are a valid Spotify user then their fraudulent system can easily detect your account.

They will delete your account from their servers.

So, it’s instructed not to use VPNs because Spotify officially doesn’t support or accept these types of services. 

12. Using Emulators for Modification:

Many so-called hackers also use Spotify Accounts to design modified applications to test and run on Emulators like-

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Noxplayer
  3. Jail broken devices

Using accounts for these types of malpractices will terminate your Spotify account and if you indulge in such practice and circulating these modified apps on the web then there may be a situation where they may give you a copyright notice.



Here, I have enlisted all the possible reasons and explained each point in detail Why your Spotify Account can be deleted. 

If your Spotify Account has been automatically deleted and you want to get your Spotify account back then you can also contact the Spotify contact team support.

For doing that you have to prove the ownership and they will definitely help to regain your account access as soon as possible.


How can I get my deleted Spotify account back?

You can get your deleted Spotify account by contacting the Spotify contact support team.

Why can’t I log into my Spotify account?

If you can’t log into your Spotify account, it means your account has been deleted by Spotify.

Do Spotify accounts expire?

Yes, Spotify accounts can be expired.

Can Spotify ban your account?

Yes, if you violate Spotify’s terms and conditions, it can ban your account.

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