How to Remove a Song from a Playlist on Spotify?

I love the fact that I can find almost any song by any artist on Spotify. It is very convenient that I can create my personalized playlist and add songs according to my interest in that playlist.

But there are many reasons why any user might want to remove a song from a playlist on Spotify. Since the taste of music changes over time, a song that was once a favorite of mine might not resonate with my current mood. 

There might reason that I have overplayed any song from the playlist and now I just don’t want to listen to it anymore.

Sometimes we may have added a song by mistake in the playlist also we would like to remove it from the playlist on Spotify. Removing a song from the playlist on Spotify is a very simple process.

Any user can do it on any device after login into their account.

Here are some steps that how to remove a song from a playlist on Spotify-

How to remove a song from the playlist on Spotify on iOS & Androi

  1. Open Spotify App
    Launch the spotify app on mobile device.
  2. Goto “Your Library”
    Navigate to your playlist on spotify from which you want to remove the song.
    A-Goto “Your Library”
  3. Goto Playlists
    Now touch on “Playlists”
  4. Remove Song
    Click on Three Dots on the left side of the song and select “Remove from this playlist”

How to remove a song from the playlist on spotify on Desktop (MAC/Windows)- 

  1. Open Spotify:
    Goto in your web browser and login your account.

  2. Goto Your Playlist
    Now navigate to your playlist and the Three dots next to the song-

  3. Remove the song
    Now select “Remove from this playlist”

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1- Can we add the same song in the spotify playlist again?
Ans- Yes, Just search the song and click on “add”

2- Maximum numbers of songs that can be added to the spotify playlist?

Ans- You can add around 10000 songs in a single playlist.

3- Can we download the Spotify playlist songs for offline listening?

Ans- Yes you can download the song and listen to it offline.

4- How many playlists can be created on Spotify?

Ans- There is no specified limit.

5- Can I delete a song from the spotify playlist without removing the song from my library?

Ans- Yes you can, when we delete a song from the playlist the song is only removed from that individual playlist. It will remain in your library as it was before. Such as if it was in your Liked Songs it will remain in your Liked Songs section.

6- If I remove a song from a playlist then whether it will affect the song’s availability on Spotify song library?

Ans- No, if you remove a song from your Spotify playlist then it will be removed only from your Spotify playlist, it will not affect any song’s availability on Spotify. You can add the same song to the playlist whenever you want.

7- Can I get the song back after it is removed from my playlist?

Ans- No, you can undo the song removal from the playlist instead you can manually search and add the song in your playlist.

8- Does Spotify provide any special features in the Spotify playlist for Premium Users?

Ans- Yes, Free users of Spotify can create upto 15 playlists and add upto 1000 songs in each playlist whether Premium users of Spotify can create unlimited playlist and add upto 10000 songs in each playlist.

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