How to Make a Blend Playlist on Spotify?

If you are a Spotify user then you must have heard about the Spotify blend feature. But you don’t know how to make a blend playlist on Spotify? 

Don’t worry, I will help you to make your own blend playlist on Spotify. I have created multiple times Spotify blend playlists on Mobile and PC both devices.

With this, you also learn how you can share your Spotify playlist with your favorite music artist. and at the end, I include how you can easily get rid of the blend playlist.

What is Spotify blend?

Spotify is one of the leading brands in the online music streaming industry because it provides useful features for its users.

Blending feature is one of them, with Spotify Blend users can create and share their playlists with friends, family, and artists.

As its name says it works by generating and blending the music playlist based on user interaction. You can also see the percentage of how many people like your playlist.

This feature helps you to discover new song tracks, albums, and artists by adding them all you can podcast your playlist with family and friends.

How to make a Spotify blend playlist on Mobile?

First of all, you need a Spotify account to make a blend playlist and this feature is totally free for Spotify users. You can use this method on both OS platforms like Android and iOS.

Steps to Create Blend Playlist on Mobile

1. Open the Spotify App (if you haven’t downloaded yet you can download it from Playstore or App Store).
2. After opening the Spotify app tap on the search button you can find the search button on the bottom of your screen.
3. Underneath the search bar you will find lots of options like Podcasts, Live events, Made for you, and many more.
4. Click on the Made for you option.
5. You will find two options, the first one is Uniquely yours (this blend created by Spotify based on your artist selection). Second one is Made for Us, with this you can create your own playlist.
6. Tap on Create a Blend Box.
7. Now you have to invite your friend. You can invite upto 10 friends on every playlist. 
8. Click on the Invite button it helps you to directly share your playlist link whenever you want to share.
9. Then Ask your friend to join the blend playlist.

After your friend joins the playlist. Your playlist will appear right away. Along with this you and your friend can see a slideshow that tells you how similar your music tastes are. 

How to make Spotify blend playlists on PC?

As always you and your friends must have a Spotify account to share a Spotify blend playlist.

Steps to Create Blend Playlist on PC

1. First you have to login in the Spotify web.
2. On the left hand side you will find the search option, click on it.
3. A new page appears where you can find made for you option, click on it.
4. As same as mobile app process you will get two options: the first one is uniquely yours and the second one is Made for us.
5. Underneath of  Made for us you will find Create a Blend box Click on it.
6. A new page opens then click on invite, Your invite link will be copied Now you can share with your friends.
7. Ask your friend to Join the Spotify blend playlist via your link.

How to make a Spotify blend playlist with an official artist?

Now this is the most exciting feature of the Spotify blend. You will be able to create a blend playlist with your favorite artists like BTS, Selena Gomez, Camilo, Dua Lipa, etc.

With the help of this feature, you can compare your music tastes with your favorite artist.

Keep in mind that only you can access the playlist created by you and your favorite artist. You would not be able to share your artist blend playlist with your family and friends.

Got it? Now here are the steps to make a blend playlist with your favorite artist.

Steps to make a blend playlist with an official artist

1. Open the Spotify app ( if you are using PC then open Spotify on your web browser).
2. Go to the search bar and search your favorite artist name.
3. Click on the artist profile slightly underneath you will find Artist pick here you can find every latest playlist updated by artist.
4. Get the invite link from Artist pick section, if you would not be able to find the link in Spotify go to your favorite artist social media profile you can easily find Spotify blend playlist invite link in the bio.
5. Click on the invite link this will redirect you to the Spotify blend playlist.

That’s it your job has been done now enjoy the music.

How to Share a blend playlist with friends?

There might be one question that arises in your mind: “Is it possible to share a link in an existing blend playlist?” and the answer is yes! you just have to follow this process.

Steps to Share Blend Playlist with Friends

1. Go to the Spotify app 
2. Tap to search icon.
4. Go to the Made for You option.
5. Here you get A blend playlist created by you.
6. Tap on any playlist and share it but remember you can share up to 10 Spotify users.

How do I blend Spotify playlists into each other?

Yes! you can crossfade one or more than two blend playlists into each other and make your playlist more enhanced.

Steps to Blend Two or More Playlist

1. Go to the Spotify app 
2. Tap the Home button.
4. Hit on the Settings icon.
5. Now pick playback and drag it to under crossfade and urgest the slider your desired overlap length.

This feature makes your playlist like a continuous track.

How to get rid of mix playlists on Spotify?

Sometimes unfortunately we accept the invite of unwanted playlists but You can easily leave any playlist via this method. 

Steps to Get Rid From Blend Playlist

1. Just open the Spotify app.
2. Go to Blend and select which playlist you want to leave.
4. Tap on 3 dot
5. Select Leave Blend.


This is the best feature introduced by Spotify and if you are a music lover then you again fall in love with this feature.

It allows you to make a good bond between your friends and family with the help of music. You and your friends can make the best blend playlist based on their music taste.

It also gives an opportunity to know the music taste of your favorite music artist.

so why are you waiting? go and use this feature and let me know what your favorite feature of Spotify is in the Comment Section.

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