How Does Spotify Family Plan Work?

You are using a Spotify premium account and don’t want to share your personal account.

That’s why you are searching for Spotify Family Plan but don’t know how does Spotify Family Plan work.

Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. Here I will guide you for the Premium family plan of Spotify.

Because same thing happened to me in the past I had my premium Spotify account and my family members used to ask me to share.

Instead of sharing, I took the Spotify Premium family plan.

From then I have this premium family plan which includes maximum size members of a family with the same address.

So the thing is I know everything about Spotify Family Plan and with this, you can end your search after reading this article.

Let’s have a look and learn about how does a Spotify premium Family Plan Work.

How Does Spotify Family Plan Work?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms around the world with more than 456 million users.

Spotify not only offers music streaming but also offers premium plans which include additional benefits such as ad-free music, offline download, and much more.

Spotify family plan is one of the most popular and best premium plans which allows six members of a family.

Whether you want to take this plan for your partner and children or you want it for your partner, parent, and children, there can’t be a better choice than Spotify Family Plan.

What Does Spotify Family Plan Include?

As above said Spotify Family Plan allows up to six members of a family to take the benefits of a Spotify premium subscription. But there are some additional features Spotify Premium offers:

6 Personal Premium Accounts

If you subscribe to the Spotify premium family plan, every member of your family will have their own personal premium account with all premium benefits.

Unlimited Skips

Before Spotify Premium subscription I used to listen to music as a free Spotify user I used to face skipping problems. Like I was allowed to skip only six times in an hour.

But with the premium family plan of Spotify, I can skip unlimited times. I think this is one of the best features of Spotify’s premium plan.

Parental Control

You can control whether explicit content is available for your children. For this, you should have control of a premium subscription.

Up to Six devices per account

Every single person in your family who is using Spotify Premium under a family plan can download and use Spotify on multiple devices.

So Spotify allows six members of a family under the Spotify premium plan for a family with each having a separate premium account.

How Much Does Spotify Family Plan Cost?

If you are using Spotify individual premium plan then you know how much it costs.

But if you are using Spotify as a free user, let me tell you that Spotify’s individual premium plan costs $10.99/month. Which is costly compared to the Spotify Family Plan.

By adding a few dollars to an individual’s amount you can have benefits for a whole family of up to six members.

Spotify family plan costs $16.99/month, this price may vary according to your region.

But wherever you live, you can save 50% with the family plan of Spotify.

Eligibility for Spotify Family Plan

To take benefits of the Spotify Family Plan there is an eligibility criteria that include:

  • All the members should live at the same address.
  • You should be 13 years old or older.
  • You should not already have an active Spotify subscription.

There should be one adult in the family to become the family plan manager. He/She will the things like content filtering and inviting members.

How to Join Spotify Premium Family Plan?

It is so simple to join Spotify Family Premium, you just need to add your valid address proof. So how does a Spotify premium family plan work, I will guide you in a few steps.

  1. While signing up for the family plan, you receive an invitation link from Spotify, just click on “Accept”.
  2. If you already have a Spotify account, log in through your details, or if you don’t have an account, create a new one.
  3. After this add the exact address and then click on “find address”.
  4. And then recheck the address and click on “Confirm”.

Now you are all set to join Spotify Family Plan.

How to Add Members to Spotify Family Plan?

You can easily add your family members to your Spotify Premium Family Plan. Here are step by step guide:

For the Family Plan Manager:

  • First log into your Spotify premium account as a family plan manager.
  • Go to the menu, click on account overview, and then click on change plan.
  • Then just press on “premium family” and click on continue.
  • After this verify your address.
  • Once address verification is done, go back to the account overview.
  • Under the family plan option you can see “invite members”, click on this.
  • Now select to option to send an invite link through email.
  • After this send the invitation link to your family members.

For Family Members to Join Plan:

  1. Click on the link that you receive from the family plan manager.
  2. If you already have a Spotify account, just log in, if not create a new account.
  3. Verify your address to join the family plan.
  4. The family plan will be activated and ready to use within minutes.

Once you are added, you will be able to see a list of added family members under the “family plan” section.

How Does Spotify Family Plan Check Address?

There is a condition of the Spotify premium family plan i.e. all the account holders should live under the same address.

So before joining Spotify Family Plan, you need to learn how does Spotify verify the address.

If the family manager’s and family member’s addresses are the same, Spotify can automatically verify.

Spotify also tracks cookies and IP addresses to verify your address.

If your address is rejected for some reason, there are 7 more days you have to reverify your address.

But still, if your address verification gets rejected, Spotify will block your ID for 12 months.

So before entering your home address a second time, ensure that you are entering the same address your family manager has entered.

Is Spotify Family Plan Worth It?

Undoubtedly the Spotify Family Plan is Worth It because if you subscribe to Spotify Premium for one person, you pay $10.99/month and $131.88/year.

Things if you do six members individually, you pay $65.94/month and $791.28/year.

But if you go for the Spotify Premium Family Plan, you pay only $16.99/month for six members of a family and $203.88/year which is more than 50% less amount as compared to an individual Spotify premium account for six members.

Benefits of Having a Spotify Family Plan

There are a few benefits of using Spotify Family Plan:

Ads Free Listening

The Family plan works the same as other Spotify premium plans. You can enjoy your music without seeing any ads.

Spotify Kids App

Spotify includes a separate kids version with child-friendly content in Spotify Family Plan.

6 Separate Accounts

Each family member who is in the Premium Family Plan of Spotify gets a separate premium account including all the features like ad-free listening, downloads, etc.

Download Option

You can download music on Spotify Family Plan and access it offline. You are allowed to download up to 10,000 songs under this premium plan of Spotify.

Separate Playlist

While having a separate premium account you can also create your own playlist in your separate premium account.


Can all family Members use Spotify at the same time?

Yes, all the family members who are part of the Spotify family plan can use Spotify at the same time on different devices.

Can you share your Spotify family plan with friends?

No, you can’t share your family plan with your friends, you can only share with people who have the same address.

Does the Spotify family plan have separate accounts?

Yes, all six members can have separate premium accounts under the Spotify Premium Family Plan.

Does Spotify’s premium Family plan of one country work in another country?

Yes, Spotify Family Plan works in every country worldwide, but for this, you should have a payment method from a country where Spotify is available.

What sound quality does the Spotify Family plan offer?

Spotify Family Plan offers 320kbps sound quality and with this type of sound quality, you can have a better listening experience.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have told you almost everything about Spotify Family Plan like how does Spotify Family Plan work and also the benefits of using this premium plan.

I want to strongly recommend this plan if you really want to subscribe Spotify premium plan for your family.

Because it’s cost-effective and comes with so many features that you don’t get in Spotify as a free user.

I hope you liked this article but if you still have any doubts regarding this feel free to ask via comments. Thank you.

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