How to Get Spotify Time Capsule?

If you’re feeling bored like me and looking for something exciting to pass the time, Spotify has come up with something for you with the all-new “Spotify time capsule“.

You might be wondering what is it and how to Get Spotify Time Capsule. Look no further, because I’m here to help you.

We all know about Spotify and how to use it.


So that’s why to give users a rich experience, Spotify has come up with a fascinating feature.

I personally use Spotify on a daily basis, so it will be my moral responsibility to give you the correct information about the “Spotify Time Capsule”.

It cherishes your memories and gives you a new experience. The best thing is it’s free for everyone, no need to use premium services.

What is Spotify time capsule?

Before getting information about “How to Get Spotify Time Capsule?” we will cover what is Spotify time capsule.

First of all let me clear that it is available for everyone freely on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Simply you call it as a memory reviewer. It stores your memories in the form of songs with the help of song-inspired prompts.

Due to this, the user gets a much more stunning experience than ever before.

As the year passes you get your preserved memories back as it is. I am sure you are excited to experience this type of magical phenomenon.

 How does Spotify time capsule work

How does Spotify time capsule work?

Spotify asks you some questions like which song you dedicate to someone special? , a song you want to experience live? These questions will be unique and different for everyone.

Then it holds your memories means your answers are like a queen in its heart and that heart will be known
as a “time capsule“. That means your answers get digitally sealed for one year.

The time capsule is like a playlist that is stored, You will be able to open this time capsule in 2024, which means next year.

How to Make Your Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify

How to Make Your Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify?

1. The playlist-making process is straightforward, first, you have to download Spotify from the Play Store or update the old version of your Spotify.

2. Otherwise, You have to open the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the web.

3. Different choices will be shown to you like an acorn, a gumball machine, a teddy bear, denim jean jacket, a lunch box, and a bottle. You have to select one choice.

4. Some random questions will be asked to you about songs like dedicate a song if you are going to kiss someone, a song for your loved ones, or a song you would love to hear live in 2023.

5. After you click on the done button in the bottom navigation, it will get submitted. You will be able to open it in 2024 only.

Your musical time capsule will be sealed up to 2024 which means for one year from the date you have created it, if you have done it in 2023.

How to Get Your  Time Capsule on Spotify

How to Get Your “Time Capsule on Spotify”?

There are many methods to know about “How to Find Your Time Capsule on Spotify “. I have mentioned each method properly. So without further delay let’s make it happen.

METHOD 1: You can use the below-mentioned link to find it. Playlist in bottle link for you: Spotify playlist in the bottom.

METHOD 2: Open your Spotify and search for “Your time capsule ” in the search bar. Then it will pop in the result and you can use it properly.

METHOD 3: Go to Spotify & search for ” Made for you” on a laptop or mobile. Then check for uniquely yours & you will be able to find out Time Capsule under it instantly.

METHOD 4: The last method to know about” How to Find Your Time Capsule on Spotify” is simply to search on Google. Open Google and search for “your time capsule Spotify“.

You will get your expected result then click on get playlist button, it will ask you to log in. Then go further and log into your account.

After logging in again click on the get playlist button and finally, you will be on your destination “Your Time Capsule”.

Now you are ready to enjoy the benefits of Spotify time capsule. So Let’s experience this magical thing.


1. Is Spotify time capsule free?

Yes, it’s free for everyone like iOS, Android, and desktop users.

2. Can I edit the playlist in the Spotify time capsule?

The answer is NO.

3. can I redo my Spotify time capsule?

No, it will get digitally sealed for one year.


In this article, I have covered all the information about “How to Get Spotify Time Capsule”.

I have given complete insights about Spotify’s time capsule in a very simple way.

I hope that you will benefit from this article and be able to solve your doubts without any confusion.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you.

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