How Much Spotify Discounts For Teachers

In the Spotify Community, the teacher’s concern is how much Spotify discounts for Teachers.

Teachers use the Spotify platform in their classrooms to play music in the background to improve the focus of the students.

Being a Teacher, I looked for discounts on the Spotify Premium Plans to use this platform ad-free.

I couldn’t find the discounts, but I found a way to get Spotify premium at a cheaper price.

In this article, I covered this topic and also shared the ways that help get Spotify premium for teachers at an affordable price.

Let’s dive deep and get Spotify Premium at a cheaper price.

How Much Spotify Discounts For Teachers?

Spotify provides no special discounts for teachers, it provides discounts only for students who want to use their Premium Plans. 

If a teacher wants to avail of the premium services from the Spotify platform, then they need to choose their premium plans without any discount.

Spotify Platform provides different Premium plans including Individual plans, Student plans, Duo plans, and Family plans.

If you’ve used the premium plan trial, you will feel the price of the service offered in the premium plans are worth it

If in case, you are not satisfied with the premium services, you can cancel your membership easily with just in few clicks. 

You need not contact their service center for cancellation of premium membership.

How Much is Spotify Premium for Teachers?

There are no separate premium plan fares for teachers. 

Spotify costs for teachers are the same as others are paying for their premium subscriptions.

If you have any kind of doubt about the premium subscription like whether it is worth subscribing to or not.

You can have a free trial of a premium subscription for a month and then decide whether to subscribe it or not.

You will find 3 different Premium plans based on the number of users who get access.

For suppose, if access is required only for you i.e., one premium account, then you can go with a Premium Individual plan.

If access is required for two persons i.e., two premium accounts, then you can go with the Premium Duo plan.

If you want access for your family then you can go with Premium Family Plan. In this plan, access is given to up to 6 premium and kids accounts

If you still feel that subscribing to the premium plan is not worth it.

You can cancel this subscription at any point in time when you feel this service is not worth it.

Can Teachers Get a Student Discount for Spotify?

Can Teachers Get a Student Discount for Spotify?

No teachers cannot get a student discount for Spotify. To get a student discount, you need to provide the student identity details.

If you find investing in a premium plan as a teacher is something that you need to shell out a big chunk from your pocket.

Then let me tell you you can have a premium subscription for free for a month or at a cheaper price.

If you haven’t used a premium plan before, you can get a premium trial for free for a month or two.

How to get Spotify Deals for Teachers at a Cheaper Price?

Spotify Premium plan for an individual account (i.e., Premium Individual) costs $10.99 per month

If you calculate it for 12 months then it will cost you more than $130 per annum

If this deal is shedding a big chunk of money from your wallet, you can look for ways to get this deal at a cheaper price.

Ways to get Spotify Premium at Cheaper Price:

Ways to get Spotify Premium at Cheaper Price

Here I’ve covered different ways to get Spotify Premium at a cheaper price. 

To get the best deal, you need to invest some time to find it, but it is worth investing your time.

Promotional Offers:

Spotify provides promotional offers to get new customers and also to their existing customers to switch to their premium plans.

Look for these promotional offers and avail these offers to get premium plans at a cheaper price.

These offers are provided for a limited period only.

Use VPN for Best Premium price – My Personal Favorite method

Though Spotify is a globally known music streaming platform, its premium plan charges are not uniform

It is observed that premium plan fees are different for different regions.

In the USA, the Spotify premium plan fee for an individual account is $10.99 per month. 

But if you see it in Argentina, India, or Turkey, it will cost you at a way cheaper price per month.

So with the help of a strong VPN, you can get the Spotify Premium plan at a very low price bypassing the platform geo blocks.

Special Offers in Deal Sites:

It is recommended to check for any special offers for Spotify on best deal sites like Groupon

It is always worth checking these platforms because you can get a deal of up to 50% off for a premium subscription.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free?

If you are new to Spotify Premium or already a user but haven’t tried the premium services of Spotify, then you can avail of this premium service for free for a month.

You can have complete access to Spotify Premium for a limited time period.

To access this for free, you still need to provide your payment method details that help Spotify validate your country or region. 

If you want to continue the service after the free trial, you can make the payment easily. 

If you wish to cancel this subscription at any point in time, you can do it easily with just in few clicks.


Spotify is one of the popular music streaming platforms loved by all age groups people including teachers, students, and elder people.

Teachers use this platform to play music in their classrooms, which helps their students to focus on their work

Many were looking for Spotify discounts for teachers and this was also raised in the Spotify community. 

But unfortunately, there are no discounts for teachers confirmed in the Spotify community.

But do not worry in this article I’ve guided teachers to get Spotify premium plans for free or at a cheaper price.

Hope this article helped you get the Spotify premium plan at an affordable price and also share this article with your fellow teachers.

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