Best Spotify Equalizer Settings For Airpods

So, if you have Apple Airpods like me and are looking for the best Spotify equalizer settings for Airpods then you are at the right place. Here, I will guide you step by step on this.

“Are you tired of listening to music on your AirPods with the same old settings? Let’s change the game and enhance your music experience together!”

Airpods Pro already have a noise canceling system and combining it with Equalizer settings according to your choice of music genre & preference can make it very impressive.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

To change the equalizer settings you will first have to:

1./ Go to the settings in the Spotify app which is on the left side when you click on your name profile.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

2./ After which you need to click on Playback.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

3./ In the Playback list, click on Equalizer.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

4 In Equalizer, there are several options available and now you can choose any option of your choice.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

If you are sure about what exactly you are looking for then nothing like it but if you are not sure, then you can try listening to all the options one by one, and this way you will be able to feel the difference between all the choices available according to the music genre.

Presets options available in the Spotify app are as below:

  • Acoustic
  • Bass Booster
  • Bass Reducer
  • Classical
  • Dance
  • Deep
  • Electronic
  • Flat
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Loudness
  • Lounge
  • Piano
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Small Speakers
  • Spoken word
  • Treble Booster
  • Treble Reducer
  • Vocal Booster

Optimized Spotify Equalizer Settings for AirPods

As I said, it entirely depends on your choice of music genre and preferences but still, I would recommend some Optimized Spotify Equalizer Settings For Airpods.

So, when you open the equalizer settings, it consists of 5 frequency bars horizontally from left to right.

Starting from the left it starts with bass frequencies and ends with treble frequencies and the range is between 60Hz and 15KHz

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods

Equalizer frequency bars start with 60Hz in the Spotify app. 

1/ Bass frequency Range is 60 Hz to 250 Hz. Most of the modern music range is around 90 Hz to 250 Hz.

2/ Low mid-range surround from 250 Hz to 500 Hz which provides rich sound and gives warmth to the music.

3/ Mid-Range surrounds from 500 Hz to 3 KHz which gives more clarity to the audio. Output at this range can sound tiny and sharp.

4/High Frequency Range goes from 3KHz to 20KHz which is also known as treble frequency.

Here you can optimize it as per your selection of music genre and adjust it as per your preference.

Bass Booster Best Spotify Equalizer Settings For Airpods

So, when I got my new AirPods and wanted to listen to my favorite music through the Spotify app.

I tried using all the preset options and found that the best option was available above 250Hz and sufficient for increasing the bass which was Bass booster in equalizer settings.

I recommend using the bass booster option as it is among the best and it needs to be set for the Spotify app too as setting it only for your phone is not enough and might not provide you great sound quality.

You can always reset the graph in the equalizer setting to ensure the sound experience of your choice.

Best Spotify Equalizer settings for air pods


  1. What is the best equalizer setting for Airpods?

Many people prefer the Bass booster option and it is my personal preference too. 

  1. What are the best equalizer settings for AirPods Gen 1 & 2?

60 Hz for the touch of bass.  230 Hz for neutral. 1Khz for clarity. 4 kHz: Increases definition of the sound. 15 kHz: Increase treble frequency.


So, the conclusion is that we can change the Equalizer settings for Airpods and AirPods Pro by visiting the Spotify app and using all preset options starting from Bass to treble frequencies.

Changes can be made according to the music genre and preferences of individuals. For customization, one can surely do that according to their taste.

We can achieve a mesmerizing and alluring music experience with these changes so I recommend everyone to try those options.

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