How to Change Username on Spotify

Do you want to change username on Spotify ? Let’s go to the Complete Guide on this.

Many people want to get rid of the typical and lengthy user names in their Spotify accounts. In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial to change your Spotify username or its display name.

and we will discuss the major queries about Spotify usernames.

Difference  between Spotify username and display name

Spotify Username

Before diving into the tutorial we must know the necessary information regarding Spotify Username and Display name.

Both are different. During the signup process, the Spotify application’s server generates random letters automatically.

Which shows only in your profile area in the account section.

It is not visible to the people, it is just a numerical and alphabetic long name to show up your username only. This is called a username.

Spotify Display Name

If you go to your profile in Spotify account there must be a name under your photo icon.

This is your display name which always appears to people who search for you and visit your Profile. It means it is visible to people.

How to Change Username on Spotify

Why do people want to change usernames?

Now, as per Google research, a huge cluster of people search ‘ how to change Spotify username ‘ on a daily basis.

I have also done a local-level small survey in my WhatsApp college group and I was surprised because most of them were not aware of the difference between username and display name.

People think that a username is one, that appears to everyone and it will obviously ruin their image because it is always a long numerical and alphabetical form.

This looks not so cool as Youth needs always a stylish and attractive username from the perspective of a content creator but the Spotify username seems very typical and lengthy.

This is the reason they want to change it.

Example username:- heuehejzkakakkBs837292992

It is always the same as above mentioned. So People prefer to change it into a cool stylish name to impress the audience.

How to change the Spotify username

Now, individuals try to change it by themselves but when they find it difficult they try to search on Google and YouTube.

In the end, they Found nothing. I was also one of them, are you too?

if yes continue reading this article is made for you.

There are a lot of methods to resolve this issue and content creators made so much garbage content to attract viewers to this topic. Many YouTubers also made tutorials on how to change their Spotify usernames. Many Videos end up in contacting the support team.

Please do not need to waste any more time to change Spotify username. Because it is not possible to modify the Spotify username. It is generated by the backend system and server. It will not be used to sign in too, you can sign in with your email or mobile numbers.

Moreover, it is also not visible to anyone so you do not need to overthink to change it. If anything is visible then it is your display name. which is editable. You can Edit your Display name without any count limit.

Change the Display name

Now you probably would like to search for how to change the Spotify display name.

Yes? OK, So you have landed in the right place.

How to change Spotify display name in Android mobile

Read with full attention and follow the instructions in order to change the Display name in your Spotify account in the mobile application.

  • Open the Spotify application on your mobile whether it is Android or iPhone
  • On the home page of the application, you will see a setting icon placed on the right-side top corner of the screen. Click on it
  • It will bring you to settings,
  • There you will see your profile on the very first option along with your profile picture ( only if you have set it)
  • Click on view profile.
  • There must be an Edit option right down your profile photo, click on it

Here you can change your Display name by clicking on your name.

How to change Spotify Display name on iPhone

if you are an iPhone user and seeking to change your Spotify username or display name there is no separate way to change it just simply follow the steps above mentioned.

By following the given steps you will be able to change it easily on Your iPhone.

How to change username on Spotify PC

There are many users who are using Spotify on their personal computers. If you are looking for a name change in your Spotify account in the desktop version here I would like to explain it in step by step guide. 

  • Open your Chrome browser ( you can open any browser as per your choice)
  • Go to the official site of Spotify and log in to your account.
  • you will have to click on the drop-down option placed on the right side top corner, showing your profile name.
  • After the drop-down, you will see the Profile option tap on it
  • There you will see three dots under your profile picture. Click on it
  • Choose the edit profile option, From here you are able to change your display name
  • Now simply save it, Enjoy!

Username ideas

If you want to change your display name in your Spotify account and looking for a cool name for it

I have tried to give some Username ideas, choose as per your choice.

  • Cute potato
  • Cocoabutter
  • Sparkle
  • Princess
  • Unicorn
  • Candyqueen
  • Darksoul
  • Cerealkiller
  • Born2kill
  • Dulldude
  • Dullpencil
  • Excoticvibes
  • Xxthevibezone
  • Epicvibes
  • Hungryvibes
  • Chillvibez
  • Okboomer
  • Heartbreaker
  • Nouranoob
  • Uracaplord
  • Epicguy
  • Bruhh
  • Sheesh
  • Bro chill
  • Idkwhoiam


So here I have explained that the Username of Spotify is not allowed to change till now 2023. However, users can change their display name to Show of the Desired profile.

Apart From this, we have learnt in the above article how to change the username on iPhone, android and Pc with Simple Steps.To wind up i have shared some unique and cool names for your Spotify Profiles you can go with your choice too.

thankyou for reading this article.If you still have any queries regarding your Spotify username Please feel free to ask in the comment section we will try to resolve your question.


Why can’t I change my Spotify username?

Actually, You can not change your username as Spotify Does not allow you to change it however you can change your Display name by following our guide on our Site.

What is Spotify username?

A Spotify Username is just a unique long code to identify your profile.

Can people see my Spotify username?

it will not show on your profile directly however if you share the link of your Profile people can see it in url slug.

Can I hide my Spotify username?

No, you can not Hide it, but you Do not need to hide it, because it never appears on your profile.

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