Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up?

I love DJ Music. I immediately migrated to the premium plan when Spotify’s AI DJ became available in my region.

But I didn’t know some users had reported about the problem of Spotify AI DJ not showing up!

Some of you might also be missing the AI DJ feature from your Spotify app.

Why does the AI DJ not show up on your Spotify app? More importantly, how can you make it appear?

There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye! Let’s dive right in.

Spotify AI DJ not showing up

Why is Spotify AI DJ not showing up in my app?

It’s a problem with several causes. Carefully read through the list below to identify the root cause in your case.

1. You’re on a free plan

If you’re on Spotify’s free plan, you cannot enjoy the AI DJ feature. Spotify has reserved this feature for its premium subscribers only.

2. Your region isn’t supported

Are you on a premium plan and still missing the AI DJ? The reason may be your region. Your region may still be unsupported by Spotify for the DJ feature. 

3. Beta phase

Spotify AI DJ is in its beta phase. It aims to uncover bugs or usability issues before releasing it to a broad audience. Therefore, the AI DJ may only appear for your account after fulfilling the abovementioned conditions. 

4. AI Dj disabled

Often, users are unaware of all the app features on their phones. Likewise, you may be unaware that you already have this feature, but you won’t find it because it is turned off by default. 

5. Older app version

When was the last time you updated your Spotify app? If you haven’t, you’re still using the older version that doesn’t support the AI DJ. 

6. Third-party apps

Do you have third-party apps like VPNs and adblockers that interact with Spotify? A conflict might be preventing the AI DJ from showing up.

7. Spotify running in the background

Are you leaving Spotify running in the background for a long time on your phone? Or are you facing a bug? This may also be why you don’t see AI DJ in your Spotify app.

8. Phone Cache

As smartphone users, we have learned that clearing the app cache sometimes restores functionality. The cache can be a potential reason for DJ not showing up.

9. Server Issues

Spotify may face server issues or outages in your region, which can also make the AI DJ feature go missing.

Spotify AI DJ not  showing up
Reasons why your Spotify AI DJ doesn’t show up

How do you fix the problem of Spotify AI DJ not appearing?

Now that you have identified the cause behind your problem, you’ll need to fix it. But how?

The following are the fixes that I’ve used, and you can also employ them to resolve the annoying issue.

I recommend starting with the first fix and proceeding through the list orderly until you can access the DJ. Let’s get started.

1. Make sure Spotify supports its AI DJ in Your Region.

Spotify AI DJ isn’t available worldwide.

Launched first in Feb 2023 in the US and Canada, Spotify subsequently rolled the DJ out to a few additional regions.

So, if you’re in a different region, you must wait until Spotify releases it in your region, too.

2. Make sure you’re on a premium subscription

Spotify has made AI DJ available exclusively to its Premium subscribers.

The free plan subscribers cannot access AI DJ even from the supported region.

However, there’s a caveat here – only some premium users have Spotify AI DJ, as it has yet to be rolled out for everyone.

You may increase your chances of getting the AI DJ if you buy the premium subscription.

But being a premium subscriber isn’t enough to get the AI DJ feature; some caveats apply. We’ll discuss them in the following sections.

3. Wait until Spotify rolls out beta version for your account

You’re in a supported region. You have a premium subscription, too. Can the problem persist?

Surprisingly, yes, it can!

This is because Spotify AI DJ is in its beta phase. It is being rolled out in a phased manner to premium users in the supported regions.

The beta may haven’t been rolled out for your account yet. If so, you can wait a few days and hope Spotify AI DJ becomes available.

4. Disable conflicting apps

Disable third-party apps like Mixonset, VPNs, and adblockers individually and carefully examine their impact on the problem.

Uninstall the apps that have a conflict with Spotify.

5. Know how to find AI DJ in your Spotify app

It could be that you do have Spotify but can’t locate it in the app.

I recommend you explore the app interface more closely.

Head to the Spotify app > Your Library > play (on the blue DJ card).

Viola! Spotify AI DJ launches.

6. Check and enable AI DJ for your account from the settings

Your app has a DJ enabling/Disabling toggle in the settings.

Head to Spotify > Settings > Playback > AI DJ. Move the toggle so it turns green.

The AI DJ shows the blue AI DJ icon. You can access it as described in 4 above. 

7. Install the latest Spotify update 

It is advisable to check and install the most recent app updates.

Being the newest feature on Spotify, the AI DJ requires the latest app update so it shows up on your phone.

You can easily install the most recent app updates from either an App Store or the Play Store, as the case may be. 

8. Clear app cache (for Android users)

Go to (Phone) Settings > Spotify > Force Stop > Storage. Clear the Cache by tapping on Clear Cache.

If the AI DJ was previously unavailable due to cache issues, you should now see the blue DJ card.

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same from within the Spotify app. Go to Spotify Settings and Privacy > Clear Cache. Press Clear Cache.

9. Reinstall the Spotify app

You’ve come thus far. But does the problem persist? If yes, you should reinstall the app.

Before reinstalling, however, you must uninstall the app by first long-pressing the app icon and then pressing the uninstall option.

Go to the App Store or Play Store, depending on whether your phone is an iPhone or Android.

10. Make sure there aren’t any issues with the Spotify server

Although infrequent, technical glitches cause app server disruptions. It takes time to address and resolve server issues.

You can’t help it! So, wait until the Spotify server starts working well again.

You may use the following links to check Spotify’s status in your region.

Downdetector Spotify

Spotify Twitter USA

Spotify Twitter Canada

Spotify Twitter Status

11. Wait for some time

There have been instances when premium subscribers had to wait a few days before the AI DJ showed up. This happened even though the region was supported.

It is tempting to assume that the same factors may be at play in your case.

It could be the beta phase. It could be the unavailability of the latest app update. It could be the unavailability of the AI DJ feature in your region.

It could be a combination of these! Your best recourse could be to wait a few days and install any available updates.

12. Get in Touch with Spotify Support Team

You can write to the Spotify support team describing the issue in as great detail as possible.

You can contact the Spotify support team from within the app. Go to Settings and Privacy > Support.

Pressing the support will take you to the Support Page on the Spotify website.

Ways to solve AI DJ not showing problem


Why does Spotify AI DJ not show up on my mobile device? 

If Spotify has yet to release this feature in your region or if you don’t have a free plan, this Spotify feature does not appear on your mobile device.

How do I enable AI DJ on my Spotify?

You can enable AI DJ on Spotify by following Settings and Privacy> Playback. Please turn the toggle on so it turns green, indicating that the AI DJ is now enabled.

Is Spotify AI DJ available under a free subscription? 

As of writing this, the Spotify AI DJ feature is available exclusively for premium users. 

Can I use Spotify DJ offline? 

No, Spotify AI DJ doesn’t work in offline mode.


Spotify AI DJ has the power to transform the way we experience music. It will revolutionize the music industry.

The highly personalized sonic experience crafted by the AI-powered DJ will blow you away!

If the Spotify AI DJ is not showing up in your app, there’s probably more than one reason behind it. Resolving the issues demands a multi-pronged approach.

I’m sure the many solutions recommended in this article helped you resolve your problem.

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