How to Set Spotify as Default Music Player?

How to set spotify as default music player

Hello everyone, if you are searching for how to set Spotify as default music player? in any device, then you are at the right place. Today I am going to tell you how you can do this on your Android Phone, iPhone, Windows PC or laptop, and Mac PC or Macbook.  We all know that … Read more

How Does Spotify Family Plan Work?

How Does Spotify Family Plan Work

You are using a Spotify premium account and don’t want to share your personal account. That’s why you are searching for Spotify Family Plan but don’t know how does Spotify Family Plan work. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. Here I will guide you for the Premium family plan of Spotify. Because same thing … Read more

Why Won’t Spotify Play my Playlist?

Ever felt like you’re facing a problem with your Spotify playlist? You’ve Carefully crafted it, poured your heart and soul into selecting each track, and you’re ready to play your playlist But then, BAM, the long silence or worse a song played that you never heard or liked, Yes, Your playlist refuses to play. And … Read more

How to Embed Spotify Playlist in Notion?

How to Embed a Spotify Playlist in Notion

If you love music and use Notion, sometimes you might be wondering how to embed a Spotify Playlist in Notion. No need to worry; I’m here to help you insert a Spotify playlist in Notion. I’ve put a Spotify playlist to Notion Workspace on my device before so that I can guide you through it. … Read more

How To Transfer Pandora Playlist To Spotify?

How To Transfer Pandora Playlist To Spotify

If you’re a Pandora user or love Spotify and searching for how to transfer Pandora playlist to Spotify. The Main issue is you have a playlist of hundreds of songs on Pandora. As a Spotify expert, I know that transfer playlists from Pandora to Spotify is very difficult. 2 Months ago, I was using Pandora and then … Read more

How to Organize Spotify Playlists

Organize Spotify Playlist Banner

I have been using Spotify for a while now and recently when I saw my Spotify playlists scattered, I was trying to figure out how to organize Spotify playlists easily in a better way. After my deep research on the App, I found several ways to do so on my Windows Computer as well as … Read more

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture

how to change spotify playlist picture

Look like you are interested in knowing how to change Spotify playlist picture. Usually, Spotify automatically allocates a song or album cover as a playlist picture, but it does not convey a distinct and personal vibe. Because of the default playlist cover picture, I have faced difficulty finding the actual playlist according to the mood … Read more

Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up?

Spotify AI DJ not showing up

I love DJ Music. I immediately migrated to the premium plan when Spotify’s AI DJ became available in my region. But I didn’t know some users had reported about the problem of Spotify AI DJ not showing up! Some of you might also be missing the AI DJ feature from your Spotify app. Why does … Read more

How To Find Someone On Spotify Without Their Username?

How To Find Someone On Spotify Without Their Username

Are you on the hunt for your old friends or perhaps just their playlists on Spotify? But, oh no, you don’t have their username? Then how to find someone on Spotify without their username? Don’t worry! I’ve been in that exact spot while searching for my crush, and guess what? I’ve compiled a list of … Read more